HARD Group

Fish Farming

Fish is a staple of the Bangladeshi diet, but there are significant shortages throughout the country.

With our innovative design of growing fish in tanks, we can produce nutritious, delicious fish with only 10% of the water required for pond culture methods. Each tank produces 4.5 tons of fish per year, providing live, healthy fish for local fisherman to sell in the local markets.

HARD’s fish farm provides:

  • Employment for local villagers
  • Additional supply of fish to meet the high demand
  • Occupational training for fishermen



Over 60% of those we serve in the rural areas make their living through agriculture-based occupations.

HARD facilitates innovative farming as we help farmers make better use of their fields and provide training in more effective cultivation and harvesting methods. Those in extreme poverty are also given seed, natural fertilizer, and other farming equipment.

HARD’s agricultural program focuses on training farmers in the following areas:

  • Organic farming methods
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Growing crops for improved nutrition