HARD Group


HARD’s pharmacy attached to the hospital is open 6 1/2 days a week for villagers to access prescription medicine.

  • Our pharmacy keeps a wide variety of medicine available so villagers don’t have to travel all the way to the city to get the medicine they need.
  • Medicine for members is a very low cost and even provided free for those in extreme poverty.

HARD members receive medicine at the HARD Pharmacy.

Prenatal, Nutrition, and Hygiene Training

Prenatal care, nutrition and hygiene issues are addressed in the communities surrounding the hospital through regular training sessions.  For example, the moringa project educates villagers about the extremely nutritious moringa tree that is prevalent but not utilized for its extensive nutritional benefits.

Pparental and women's healthcare are greatly needed in the areas we serve. Many families do not feel comfortable with a made doctor in this role. HARD provides a female OBGYN doctor to care for these women with their unique needs. for many of these women (both young and old), their visit to the HARD clinic is the first doctor's visit in their lifetime.

Ophthalmologist examines a member's eyes in front of her home to fit her with the correct glasses.